Time for a new Hobby...

Wow, 3 months since I last posted on here - feel pretty bad about that as it is something I wanted to keep going, if not just for my own records...

It doesn't mean that I've stopped though... I've got some good air show shots, some 'work in progress' astro-photography, an unexpected Nightjar, but sadly no owls whatsoever. More recently I've been taking a weekly trip out to Lavell's Lake.

So, my prompt to get me back, and the appropriate name for this blog entry is trying to capture (photographically!) a Hobby! I only got distant shots last year, so this years task to make sure I got to see them... and closer!!

On my way to the bittern hide I glanced across the meadow field and just caught sight of this little Muntjac deer, first time I've seen one down there (though did see both a fox and a mink there over the last couple of weeks too!).

Out on the lake there was a late breeding pair of Great Crested Grebes - I remember seeing them last year too, but it is very late in the season for them.

Just in front of the hide, I've had some success over the past couple of weeks getting the Dragonflies from the front of the hide - they're quite obliging!

I believe it's a Southern Hawker Dragonfly, but happy to be corrected on that one.

Of course, it's not just me that was watching the Dragonflies.... the primary food of the Hobby is the Dragonfly, which they watch from a perch, swoop down and catch them 'on the wing'.... Over the last few weeks I've had a few glimpses of the Hobbies, but today I managed to get a couple of 'feeding' shots.

A bit of a personal success and I'm happy with these first shots, obviously there is room for improvement, but I felt I should at least document it on here!!

And just to finish the day off, a quick glimpse of a Kingfisher - always a joy to see!!


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Mike Turner  
Brilliant pictures as usual Gavin. The Hobby pics are prize-winners.
Our water vole is back and I'm working on getting some pics of it (but I never seem to have the camera to hand when I see it!)
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