A full days work...

... In reality, I was probably out the house longer today than I am during work!

First stop, to check on my Little Owls...

They certainly didn't disappoint, both the Owls were up and sitting snoozing on the entrance to their tree. I had a good half an hour of time watching them sleep (hopefully not as creepy as it sounds!!).

Only when dog walkers came past to talk to me did one of them retreat back into the hole...

As nice and friendly (and useful sometimes) dog walkers are - another came to talk to me as I was watching the last remaining Owl, after his dogs started barking the Owl retreated back into his hole - I waited for a further 30 mins just in case he reappeared, but no joy - whilst waiting I just watched the squirrels & garden birds flying around before I called it a morning and moved on.


The aforementioned bushy-tailed rat.

 The friendly Robin

I moved on from my Little Owl site, but it was a lovely day today (relatively), so I continued up to see if "my" Peregrines were about...

Looks like luck was on my side today, I looked up and he was sat there already... "Perfect" I thought.

I took my "Bank" shots (a couple of photo's with whatever lens is attached, just in case it moves/disappears), then set up the big lens - of course when I looked back up he'd bloody gone.

Having unpacked all my stuff I wasn't about to just leave again so I hung on in the hope he'd return, but I had no idea which direction it flew off.... well, not immediately.

I tend to draw quite a lot of attention with my lens set up, but one of the many people I spoke to today was a local. He started talking to me about how he sees it about etc, and as I point up to where he was sat, the blasted thing took off from behind a girder on the far side, it was there all along! It then proceeded to do a gentle soar over my head and off into the distance.... of course I completely missed this as the bloke was still talking and I didn't want to be rude... I really should have just excused myself and gone for the shot!!

Never mind, there will always be another chance!

I headed home for a pit-stop and took the opportunity to grab a shot of the circling kites - I only had the 'sigmonster' lens to hand, so this shot was taken "hand held", which is no mean feat when the lens weighs 12kg and I've got arms like a 15yr old girl.

I did head back out to try to get the barn owls again tonight, but for the 7th time in a row, I came home empty handed.

I won't be deterred though! watch this space!


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