Meanwhile, back at the lake...

It's been a couple of weeks now since I've had the time (or the weather!) to get out and about.

I have also decided, from now on, I am increasing the size of the photo's on here by about 25%, this hopefully should give a little more detail, but might mean the pages are a tad slower to load.... sorry!

I headed over to Lavell's Lake to see what was out and about, ideally hoping for a day like I had a few weeks back. It wasn't quite as active, but there were a few things out and about.

The Great-Crested Grebe chicks are growing up fast and starting to loose their grey on their backs and fishing for themselves. This one however was feeling decidedly lazy, so whilst I was watching it, it shot across to one of the parents and took (or was given) a fish from her mouth - sadly I missed pretty much all of the action! but you can see the tail of the fish going down.

I'd waited maybe 30 minutes with little activity, when I heard the characteristic whistle of a Kingfisher! It flew in from my left and sat on a perch, but I could barely even pick up my camera before another flew past and the first took off after it... I'm pretty sure they're a pair rather than rivals. I really didn't get much of a chance for pictures though, one as it fleeted around the reed beds and another as it flew across the lake.... so nothing like the close-up I had previously.

Also still on the lake, and doing very well are the Swan family, their adult feathers are all developing well and all the young seem to be practising their flights and take offs... None actually took to the air completely but all gave a good 'run' across the surface of the water, so if they're not flying already it will be very soon I'm sure.

That was really the total of the main visit, though I did find this little chap at the side of the path, I have tried with little success to get ID, so for now it is a "Red striped caterpillar"
***UPDATE*** OK, according to @wildlife_id on twitter, it seems it is a "White Ermine Moth" Caterpillar, which looks like a very pretty moth too!

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