New Garden Visitor...

 Adopting my "lookout" position looking out the patio door I always have that hope that something new will turn up.

This time round in amongst the usual garden birds we had a new visitor (which I've not seen since actually!), but a Nuthatch turned up and started feeding on the sunflower hearts.

But not only 1, we had 2 at one point. I've never seen these on our feeder, in fact I've only ever seen them at a distance.

 They probably hung around for about 15 mins or so before a flock of starlings turned up and they left!.

In amongst the rabble was this rather bedraggled looking Robin - clearly one of this years young losing its juvenile feathers and growing the adult plumage.

I took a trip out to Lavell's Lake to see what was around. I'm not usually very lucky there, it's one of those places where people always report seeing good stuff, but nothing ever happens when I'm there!!

This time though, made a welcome change!

Just outside the lake there was a spot where a Spotted Flycatcher had been regularly reported... well, I'm not going to know what one looked like (shame on me!), but I was with another chap that pointed one out for me. Unfortunately they're quite jumpy, so the only picture I managed to get was into the sun, so the colours became a bit washed out.

Heading round to the usual hide - the only one I use because it is close to the car park! - I had a quick glance into the Owl box as I usually do.

This time, I was absolutely amazed to see some legs through the doorway! I spent probably about 30 minutes waiting for something to move, and was absolutely over the moon to see we have a Barn Owl returned to the box. It seems I was first to report this return and has now been seen a couple of times since.

I continued to sit in the hide for a while and was joined by some other 'birders' - I'm a bit oblivious to some of the things on the lake sometimes... there were a pair of Red-crested Pochards (No, I didn't know what they were either), but there was a small group of 5 'Pintails', didn't mean much to me, but it was a season first for the lake and the chap sat in the hide with me was very excited to see them, and got on the phone to other birders. On that basis I felt obliged to snap a picture. As it happens, after I took this, they flew off, so my picture is the only record there is at the moment!

Just to finish off my afternoon, we were treated to a fantastic aerial display from a Hobby - unfortunately it was probably 200m away at the far end of the lake. Great to watch, but quite rubbish for photo's (and I didn't have the sigmonster with me).

I did grab a photo when it settled in a tree, but it's quite a strong crop so the detail is not great.

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