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Earlier in the Month I took a rare break in the clouds to get back to Lavell's lake for a few hours, it seems that 'today' (the 6th) was the day for fishing!

There are always a few Common Terns flying around, constantly on the lookout for fish, although I've never seen them make a successful catch. Just purely down to timing I guess.

Looks like I was in luck today, as one swooped down right in front of me and plucked a small fish out of the water.

Also resident on the lake are a family of Great Crested Grebes, they have successfully raised 4 young which I'm constantly trying to get pictures of! In the meanwhile I did spot one of the parents also fishing.

Continuing with the theme of young, the resident swan family are coming along very well. Credit where credit is due, these swans have been very successful keeping their 6 cygnets alive through to sub-adult.

They do still very much travel around as a family though, which is really nice to see.

Here they all gathered on the scrape to have a collective sleep - although it's difficult to see where one swan ends and the next begins!

An unusual visitor to the lake, (well I thought it was unusual anyway), was this Terrapin - a Red-Eared Slider Turtle, to be specific.

This is considered an invasive species in the country, and it's actually illegal to release them into the wild. On that basis I'm surprised this one has lasted (ie, hasn't been caught and killed), it is so I am told, one of 4 in the lake - quite how they know that I have no idea!!

After the fairly productive hide visit at the lake, I stumbled across this friendly chap just walking down the path towards me.

There are actually quite a few Pheasants around the area, as such I get quite complacent and tend not to take their pictures - but I should do really as they do have great colours to them - and of course this one even posed for me!

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